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How Would Confucious Collection a Past-Due Invoice? 

And other lessons from the likes of Nelson Mandella, Sigmund Freud and others. 

The author says ‘not much about sex’, his wife said to stick with things he knows something about. The good news is that means ‘how to effectively negotiate’. 

The best of Tips and Techniques from author Tim Paulsen, originally published on his blog, ‘Tim’s Tips’. 

The Excuse Terminator software program. This alone is woth your investment. To see more, including a short video, follow this link.

Paid In Full – that’s what you and your organization will be. Collect and still keep (most) of your customers. 

Some of the most successful credit and collection professionals in the world share advice on what did and din’t work for them as they climbed up the ladder of success. 

Written when Covid burst on the scene and took most of us by surprise, this short but clever book should not be ignored now that the virus is in the rear-view mirror. Covid, or something like it will rise its ugly head once again. Will you be ready? 

An IT specialist in a hydro-electric firm receives a rude awakening one day. He has the choice of either working in receivables (collections!) or he is out of a job. His attitude is turned around when he meets a lemonade salesman in the park near his office. 

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