Start your collection day with a 3 iron!

Anyone hits the ‘easy’ shots!

Recently, a golf professional gave me a tip about starting a practice session at the driving range.

“Start with a 3 iron,” he said.  “Most of us, amateurs as well as professionals will agree it is the most difficult golf club to hit well. So, if you hit a few bad ones, no big deal, like we agreed, it’s not an easy club so no need to feel bad. Hit a few great shots? You’ll feel even better.”

Could be good advice for starting off your collection day. Some of us may have accounts assigned in priority and others may want to start with some that are easy and simple, but thing about pulling out a 3-iron account – someone difficult to deal with and not easy to resolve. If you don’t perform as well as you hoped, ‘hey, it was a tough account’. If you manage to collect – you’re a superstar.